This is a quiz for anyone to take to prove you have been reading this story. This is for chapters 1-8.


Chapter 1 Q:Edit

What are Herafur's kits names?

Chapter 2 Q:Edit

What is the roman name for Herafur's kits?

Chapter 3 Q:Edit

What does Hadesclaw want with Persephonetail?

Chapter 4 Q:Edit

What is Proserpinetail's thoughts on Plutoclaw?

Chapter 5 Q:Edit

Who does Athenakit look like in her family?

Chapter 6 Q:Edit

Does Marshkit tackle Minervakit and win?

Chapter 7 Q:Edit

Does Apollofoot have the same Roman name?

Chapter 8 Q:Edit

Do Dianafang and Apollofoot get along a lot?

Allegiances Q:Edit

Do the cats have the same pelt color's in GreekClan and RomanClan? (ex: Zeusstar/Jupiterstar)

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