Four leader's were arguing while two stared blankly at them, trying to make them stop. Then a white she-cat with silver tabby stripes stepped between the four leader's.

"Thunder, Wind, Shadow, and River!" she shouted at them. "We should be here, not bickering!" she hissed at them. She saw Shadow roll her eyes. She sighed and looked at the 4 leader's as Sky walked behind her.

"We should all go back to our camps, she said, turning around from them. She then heard a hiss as claws peirced her fur. She turned her head and saw Shadow attacking her. Shadow then bit down into her neck and everything went black as she turned into a spirit and left, now creating what is now StarClan

Chapter 1Edit

Wind looked at the kits beside her and purred, licking every one of them. Then she looked at Gorsefur who was next to her and purred. "These are our kits," she said, revealing three little kits. One was brown like her, one was a thin gray tabby like him, and one was a brown tabby.

"I think that the brown tom can be Brownkit. And the thin gray tabby she-cat can be Shallowkit, and the brown tabby can be Darkkit," Wind purred.

"Those are lovely names," he purred.